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BACKGROUND Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs) commonly cause asymptomatic gastroduodenal damage that may be clinically severe. At present the only method to determine the presence or absence of such damage is by invasive techniques such as endoscopy. Because distal small intestinal damage can be noninvasively detected with oral permeability(More)
The ability of various leukotrienes to alter the susceptibility of the rat gastric mucosa to injury by 20% ethanol and the possible mechanism of action were examined using an ex vivo gastric chamber preparation. Intraarterial infusions of leukotriene B4 or N-acetyl leukotriene E4 (0.01-1.0 microgram/kg per min for 10 min) had no significant effect on the(More)
A review was done of nanotechnology as it applies to dentistry today. Information was gathered from literature search, research data and material inserts in products.Nanotechnology deals with the physical, chemical and biological properties of structures and their components at nanoscale dimensions. One of the biggest contributionS to restorative and(More)
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