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Phylogenetic analysis of supraspecies relationships in one of the most young and species rich group of myomorph rodents - subfamily Arvicolinae was carried out on the base of two nuclear genes. Results have shown that mole-voles - Ellobiusini, steppe voles - (Lagurini) and grey voles (Arvicolini) are sister groups. This divergence is the most late, third(More)
The phylogenetic position of the Olkhon mountain vole (Alticola olchonensis Litvinov, 1960) was studied using the sequences of four nuclear (BRCA, GHR, LCAT, and IRBP) and one mitochondrial (cyt. b) gene. Until now multiple studies of the systematic position of this vole had been based exclusively on morphological data, while the major taxonomic references(More)
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