N. Hurwitz

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PURPOSE OF REVIEW Schizoaffective disorder was named as a compromise diagnosis in 1933, and remains popular as judged by its place in the International Classification of Diseases and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, its frequent use in clinical practice, and its extensive discussion in the literature. Some, however, have questioned(More)
Schizoaffective disorder (SA D/O), introduced in 1933 by Dr. Jacob Kasanin, represented a first, modest change in our concept about the diagnoses of psychotic patients away from the beliefs of E. Bleuler, i.e., that hallucinations and delusions define schizophrenia, and toward the recognition of a significant role for mood disorders. SA D/O established a(More)
OBJECTIVE In order to compare their validity, this review applies scientific standards for sustaining the neuroses, the schizophrenias and bipolar disorders as separate "bona-fide" psychiatric diseases. The standards for disease validation demand specific and unique symptoms. METHOD We review a wide variety of clinical and basic science comparisons(More)
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