N. Hozumi

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We have determined the nucleotide sequences of the germ line gene as well as a corresponding somatically mutated and rearranged gene coding for a mouse immunoglobulin lambdaI type light chain. These sequencing studies were carried out on three Eco RI-DNA fragments which had been cloned from BALB/c mouse embryos or a lambdaI chainsecreting myeloma, H2020.(More)
We have studied two derivatives of the IgA (lambda 2) secreting myeloma cell line MOPC315:MOPC315.26, which produces and secretes a lambda 2 light chain, and MOPC315.37, which produces but does not secrete the lambda 2 chain. It has been reported that the only alteration in the MOPC315-37 lambda 2 chain is located in the variable region (Mosmann and(More)
Explicit formulas for the tap-coef®cients of Taylor-series-based full-band FIR digital differentiators have already been presented. However, those formulas were not derived mathematically from the Taylor series and were based on observations of different sets of results. The authors provide a mathematical proof of the formulas by deriving them(More)
The rearranged lambda 2 gene of the mouse plasmacytoma cell line MOPC315 has been cloned and sequenced. A comparison of its sequence with the sequence of the unrearranged (germ-line) V, J and C gene segments shows that the sequences of the V gene segments differ at six positions. The sequence of the J and C gene segments remained unchanged. These results(More)
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