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PURPOSE To determine whether HR variability (HRV), an indirect measure of autonomic control, is associated with upper respiratory tract and pulmonary infections, muscular affections, and all-type pathologies in elite swimmers. METHODS For this study, 7 elite international and 11 national swimmers were observed weekly for 2 yr. The indexes of cardiac(More)
The purpose of the present work was to study swimmers' efficiency during the underwater phase of the grab start. Eight high-level swimmers participated in this study. They performed two types of start: a regular grab start (with underwater leg propulsion after the glide) and a grab start with no underwater movement (swimmers had to remain in a streamlined(More)
The underwater phase of starts represents an important part of the performance in sprint swimming's events. Kinematics variables that swimmers have to take into account to improve their underwater phase of starts are unknown. The aim of this study was to determine the kinematics variables that improve performance during the underwater phase of grab starts.(More)
Falls among elderly people have massive social and economic impact. Gait impairments correlated with loss of physical functions are the primary common causes. Today, even if gait deviations between healthy young individuals and elderly ones have been deeply investigated, no standardize fall risk classification have been really established to facilitate fall(More)
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