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Stereological analysis of Leydig cell ultrastructure in aged humans was performed by a point-count method on testicular tissues fixed by perfusion with buffered glutaraldehyde. In six aged human males (74 yr old on the average), interstitial tissue occupied 38.9% of decapsulated testis volume, and Leydig cells constituted 3.1% to total tests volume. One(More)
In the terahertz-wave region, fabrication of an antireflection (AR) coating is difficult because it must be as thick as several tens of micrometers, which is far thicker than that used in the optical region. We discuss a lapping method for fabricating an AR layer with a desired thickness for terahertz-wave optical devices. To demonstrate this method, we(More)
A stressed Ge:Ga photoconductor array with three elements applied to the Infrared Telescope in Space satellite was fabricated and tested in experiments at 2.0 K in very low-photon-influx conditions (~ 10(5) photons/s). Stress was applied to three Ge:Ga detectors in a series by a stable and compact stressing apparatus by using cone-disk springs. The cutoff(More)
The concentration of asbestos fiber aerosols can be monitored by measuring the polarization of laser light scattered by asbestos fibers. The principle of discriminating asbestos fibers is based on the theoretically expected difference in polarization at a scattering angle of 170 deg between cylindrical and spherical airborne particles; polarization at this(More)
We report on a patient who developed bilateral renal cell carcinoma during continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis for chronic renal failure. He was successfully maintained on this type of dialysis after bilateral abdominal nephrectomy.
Among 65 patients who underwent simple suprapubic prostatectomy, three consecutive quantitative estimations of clean voided midstream urine were carried out, i.e. before operation, on discharge from hostpital and six months or later after operations (late review), respectively, and some factors that will affect persistent significant bacteriuria were(More)
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