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In the course of clinical examinations of individuals exposed to PBB (polybrominated biphenyl(s) in Michigan, employees of the chemical company which manufactured PBB also were examined. Analysis of serum and adipose tissue from these workers revealed quantitative and qualitative differences, compared with farm residents exposed to PBB. Serum and fat(More)
Family clustering of varying levels of serum PBB and DDE was evaluated for 62 Michigan families by using the mean and standard deviation for family units, ranked percentile comparison of family members, and correlation by linear regression of family members. The results indicate that levels of serum PBBs cluster within family units and for children within(More)
Results of serum PBB determinations on 524 Michigan diary farm residents and consumers of products from the farms, 55 chemical workers, and 56 Wisconsin farm residents are reported. Mean and median values were highest for the chemical workers, followed by consumers from and residents of quarantined and nonquarantined farms. Serum DDE was higher among(More)
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