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This paper presents an OFDM transceiver for wireless LAN systems and its baseband transceiver architecture. TYPICAL PARAMETERS IN PACKET-ORIENTED OFDM SYSTEMS. We study the optimum parameters about DFT size, guard K DFT size interval, symbol duration, and number of subcarriers in an 80-Fb Bandwidth (Hz) MHz bandwidth by extending the IEEE802.11a standard.(More)
This paper presents a wireless system to reach a 300-Mbps transmit rate in OFDM wireless communication and a hardware architecture for the OFDM baseband transceiver. We study optimum parameters about OFDM frame, DFT size, and allocation of subcarriers that are required for the wireless system with a 80-MHz bandwidth, extending the IEEE802.11a standard. The(More)
This paper describes a VLSI design of high-throughput OFDM transceivers targeted to future wireless LAN systems. The optimum parameters composing a new packet OFDM frame are discussed by expanding the IEEE802.11a standard. The proposed system provides a maximum transfer rate of 600 Mbps by use of an 80-MHz occupied band-width and a MIMO technique. The(More)
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