N Hassall

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We report the first measurement of the transverse momentum dependence of double-spin asymmetries in semi-inclusive production of pions in deep-inelastic scattering off the longitudinally polarized proton. Data have been obtained using a polarized electron beam of 5.7 GeV with the CLAS detector at the Jefferson Lab (JLab). Modulations of single spin(More)
An event-based partial wave analysis (PWA) of the reaction γp → pω has been performed on a high-statistics dataset obtained using the CLAS at Jefferson Lab for center-of-mass energies from threshold up to 2.4 GeV. This analysis benefits from access to the world's first high-precision spin-density matrix element measurements, available to the event-based PWA(More)
The exclusive reaction p ! p þ À was studied in the photon energy range 3.0–3.8 GeV and the momentum transfer range 0:4 < Àt < 1:0 GeV 2. Data were collected with the CLAS detector at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. In this kinematic range, the integrated luminosity was about 20 pb À1. The reaction was isolated by detecting the þ and(More)
  • B Dey, Gerard P Gilfoyle, C Meyer, M Bellis, M Mccracken, M Williams +144 others
  • 2014
High-statistics measurements of differential cross sections and recoil polarizations for the reaction γp → K + 0 have been obtained using the CLAS detector at Jefferson Lab. We cover center-of-mass energies (√ s) from 1.69 to 2.84 GeV, with an extensive coverage in the K + production angle. Independent measurements were made using the K + pπ − (γ) and K +(More)
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