N. Haneji

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It is unclear whether organ-specific autoantigens are critical for the development of primary Sjögren's syndrome (SS). A 120-kilodalton organ-specific autoantigen was purified from salivary gland tissues of an NFS/sld mouse model of human SS. The amino-terminal residues were identical to those of the human cytoskeletal protein alpha-fodrin. The purified(More)
MRL/Mp +/+ (MRL/+) mice, not bearing the lpr gene, are known to have age-related autoimmune lesions in several organs such as pancreas, salivary and lacrimal glands at 30-weeks-old or more. In this study, MRL/+ mice were ovariectomized at 4-weeks-old, and their natural histories were analysed. Ovariectomy (Ovx) of MRL/+ mice led to marked acceleration of(More)
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