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Smart Phone Revolution has forced companies to develop the smart phone versions of their applications. Smart Phone market is very fragmented and volatile and there is no single dominant platform. Building native applications for all the platforms is too costly and time consuming. As HTML5 is emerging as a viable option for building cross platform(More)
Plastics ending up in soil or landfill environment will eventually be degraded. At the same time a slow migration of additives from the plastics will occur. The additives and the degradation products of these and the polymer are potential compounds for bioconversion. To predict the rate of the migration of antioxidants from polyolefins, a medium-density(More)
Accurate estimation of skew on I/O clocks is extremely critical when the part is expected to operate at a fixed frequency and any failure results in yield loss. Also, factors such as slow silicon, power saving modes, thermal throttling modes makes the data-path running on I/O clocks more critical as no timing relaxation is possible. The circuits on core(More)
The number of topside shipboard antennas doubled every decade; in 1990s they were close to 200 and have no sight of stop growing (Tavik, 2005). The over-crowded present of such many topside antennas in a limited-space of littoral warfare ship has created/caused many critical, unavoidable problem like antenna blockage, electromagnetic interference, increase(More)
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