N. H. Yeung

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Anisotropic conductive films (ACFs) received a great deal of attention in recent years for interconnection applications in electronic packaging. This paper reports the behaviour of ACF joints under various mechanical loading, i.e., die shear and cyclic fatigue in shear. The mechanical behaviour of ACF joints that have been exposed to environmental effects,(More)
This paper reports that the stress-corrosion cracking induced by autoclave test condition reduces the mechanical strength of anisotropic conductive joints and also increases the contact resistance by allowing more moisture to reach the aluminium metallization. The use of anisotropic conductive joints with bumpless chips allows a reduction in the costs of(More)
Tape ball grid array (TBGA) rather than the traditional BGA, can provide a more flexible, light weight and fine pitch interconnection method to the electronic industry. In this study, two different designs of TBGA, buss-out and buss-in, were used thought-out this investigation. Moreover, for those samples were then further subdivided , one with hot(More)
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