N. H. Patel

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PURPOSE To optimize parameters of rotational angiography for examination of the internal carotid circulation; to compare rotational angiography with standard digital subtraction angiography (DSA) in the evaluation of aneurysms of the intracranial internal carotid circulation; and to determine tolerance and safety limits of prolonged internal carotid(More)
The potential capability of stem cells to restore functionality to diseased or aged tissues has prompted a surge of research, but much work remains to elucidate the response of these cells to genotoxic agents. To more fully understand the impact of irradiation on different stem cell types, the present study has analyzed the radioresponse of human(More)
Vascular access for renal dialysis is a lifeline for about 120 000 individuals in the United States. Stethoscope auscultation of vascular sounds has some utility in the assessment of access patency, yet can be highly skill-dependent. The objective of the study was to identify acoustic parameters that are related to changes in vascular access patency. The(More)
The response of the brain to irradiation is complex, involving a multitude of stress inducible pathways that regulate neurotransmission within a dynamic microenvironment. While significant past work has detailed the consequences of CNS radiotherapy following relatively high doses (≥ 45 Gy), few studies have been conducted at much lower doses (≤ 2 Gy), where(More)
A single dose, crossover bioequivalence study of two different brands of clonidine hydrochloride 25 mug tablets was conducted in 24 (+2 stand by) healthy, adult, male, Indian subjects under fasting conditions to check the implication of enterohepatic re-circulation on assessment of bioequivalence. After an overnight fasting of at least 10 h, the subjects(More)
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