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The survival and failure analysis provide a lot of information regarding reliability and maintainability of systems. Arriving at suitable distribution and parameterization of data helps predicting the behavior of systems. Mobile communication has become one of the most valued and indispensable service sector due to its commercial, financial and(More)
Hydroxyapatite (HA) is a bioactive ceramic material that mimics the mineral composition of natural bone. This material does not possess acceptable mechanical properties for use as a bulk biomaterial; however, it does demonstrate significant potential for use as a coating on metallic orthopaedic and dental prostheses. Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) of thin(More)
It has been established that the adhesion of cells on to the surfaces of orthopaedic implants depends on the ability of the surfaces to accommodate protein molecules. Hydroxyapatite coating and anodizing are the most common methods to make TiAl6V4 implants (Ti) more biocompatible. In this paper Spartan 02, a molecular dynamics software, is used to analyze(More)
The synchronous generators for standalone industrial applications with full pitched windings have high harmonic content across line and neutral due to triplen harmonics and single phase loads connected across such machines are adversely affected. To circumvent this problem, conventionally the main winding is wound for 2/3<sup>rd</sup> pitch which introduces(More)
Virtual prototyping is a method used for the prediction of electrical machine parameters during the design stage, thus reducing the development time and cost for new machines. Based on the simulated results of the virtual prototype, the design is fine-tuned and finalized. In synchronous generators, the design of a third harmonic excitation (THE) winding is(More)
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