N. H. Gopal Dutt

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Customizing the bypasses in pipelined processors is an effective and popular means to perform power, performance and complexity trade-offs in embedded systems. However existing techniques are unable to automatically generate test patterns to functionally validate a partially bypassed processor. Manually specifying directed test sequences to validate a(More)
The degenerative changes in the spermatids as measured by changes in fine structure abnormalities increased with time following injection of Cd2+ into rat testis. The spermatids in the twelve hours group appear as peculiarly club shaped and elongated structures with one or two small but perceptible vacuoles. The subacrosomal area and the space between the(More)
Electroencephalogram (EEGJ, the manifestations of brain’s electrical activity as recorded on the scalp, has become an indispensable tool in clinical neurophysiology and related fields. The main objective of EEG signal analysis is to extract valid information from EEG.records and for this purpose many analysis techniques have been used. As far as background(More)
Adrenocorticotrophin secreting cells are identified in the hypophysis of the brown spiny mouseMus platythrix by conventional methods of light microscopy. Quantitative data showed that certain smaller acidophilic cells in thepars distalis, under conditions provoking their hypersecretion such as unilateral adrenalectomy and metopirone treatment, increase in(More)