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SoC design methodologies are under constant revision due to adoption of fast shrinking process technologies at nanometer levels. Nanometer process geometries exhibit new complex design challenges in silicon which were not seen in higher geometries. The most commonly talked about factor is the dominance of interconnects over cell delays for long nets. Also(More)
Pyrophosphate prototypes such as methyl triphosphate and methyl diphosphate molecules in their different protonation states have been investigated at high levels of quantum chemical calculations. The optimized geometries, the thermochemistry of the hydrolysis and the molecular orbitals contributing to the high energy of these compounds have been analyzed.(More)
Network monitoring system on agent based protocol provides benefits such as better security, increased bandwidth efficiency and increased monitoring capabilities. However in today‘s world, an agentless network monitoring system would seem to be more apt as it would reduce the cost of installation & maintenance, reduced administrative overhead, fast(More)
Semantic web facilitates interchange of data of common data formats that enables people to share content beyond applications. Resource Description Framework(RDF) is a key technology that is used as a metadata data model, a method for the depiction of conceptual information. Reification is a prominent concept for making an assertion about an assertion. The(More)
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