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During cutting of wood, friction plays an important role. The coefficient of friction between steel and some common Swedish wood species was studied. The effects of moisture content, sliding speed, smoothness of steel surface, wood species and direction of the grain on the coefficient were determined and the changes in friction with duration of rubbing, the(More)
A new quantitative analysis method was established for the determination of Fe and Ba in BaFe12O9 samples by binary ratio and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. The calibration curve was established by a self-made pure Fe powder(AR) and pure BaCO3 powder(AR) standard sample which was prepared by powder pellet method. The standard sample has the content of Fe(More)
Introduction Moso bamboo is the main species for bamboo timber in China. Its important shortcoming is low natural resistance to moth-eating and mildewing and water-soluble agents are most widely used for bamboo timber preservation (Wu 1992). The efficacy of treating wood could be improved by applying vacuum-pressure and cycling vacuum-pressure, however, no(More)
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