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OBJECTIVE To prospectively determine the diagnostic value of electrocardiography-triggered non-contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography (TRANCE) of the lower extremities including the feet versus DSA. METHODS All 43 patients with symptomatic peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD) underwent TRANCE before DSA. Quality of MRA vessel depiction(More)
For many families of pediatric cancer patients the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is an accepted adjunct to conventional therapy, even if data regarding effects and risks are scarse. This report provides information about the prevalence of CAM use and reasons for CAM use among pediatric cancer patients. Frequently used CAM like(More)
BACKGROUND In an effort to intensify osteosarcoma therapy, systemic ifosfamide was added pre- and postoperatively to an already aggressive three-drug regimen. In a subgroup of patients, loco-regional treatment intensification was attempted by using the intraarterial route to give cisplatin. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients < or = 40 years at diagnosis of a(More)
BACKGROUND Craniopharyngiomas are tumorous embryogenic malformations. As the survival rate after craniopharyngioma is high (92 %), prognosis and quality of life (QoL) in survivors mainly depend on adverse late effects such as obesity. PATIENTS AND METHODS We analyzed 214 children and adolescents with craniopharyngioma. The records of 185 patients (86 %)(More)
PURPOSE The influence of methotrexate (MTX) pharmacokinetic parameters on the efficacy of high-dose MTX (HDMTX) in osteosarcoma was analyzed. PATIENTS AND METHODS MTX serum peak values from 198 patients in 1,703 treatment courses and more detailed pharmacokinetic data from 185 patients in 1,045 treatment courses from the Cooperative Osteosarcoma Study(More)
DICER1 is crucial for embryogenesis and early development. Forty different heterozygous germline DICER1 mutations have been reported worldwide in 42 probands that developed as children or young adults, pleuropulmonary blastoma (PPB), cystic nephroma (CN), ovarian sex cord-stromal tumors (especially Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor [SLCT]), and/or multinodular(More)
PURPOSE Evaluation of three aflibercept injections at 4-week intervals in patients with neovascular AMD showing an "insufficient anatomic response" to prior anti-VEGF therapy with ranibizumab or bevacizumab. METHODS The retrospective analysis included 96 eyes that had received at least three intravitreal 0.5 mg ranibizumab or 1.25 mg bevacizumab(More)
A phase II trial was designed to explore the potential feasibility and efficacy of a reinduction therapy consisting of fludarabine, cytarabine, idarubicin and granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) for acute myelogenous leukaemia (AML) patients with poor prognosis. Twenty-three patients aged 1 2-17.5 years with refractory (n=3), relapsed (n=19) or(More)
In comparison to cancer in adults, virtually all cancers of childhood and adolescence are rare. Nevertheless, there is a rather ill-defined group of tumors that are not only exceptionally rare but also do not fall into the major clinical categories of childhood cancers. Thus, a substantial proportion of these exceptionally rare tumors are not registered(More)
PURPOSE To prospectively investigate and monitor the response to antiandrogen treatment of bone metastases in patients with prostate cancer by using diffusion-weighted (DW) magnetic resonance (MR) imaging with the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) and functional diffusion maps (DMs). MATERIALS AND METHODS This study had institutional review board(More)