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Three new lanthanide heterocyclic β-diketonate complexes [Dy(PPI) 3 (EtOH) 2 ] (1), [Dy(PPI) 3 (DPEPO)] (2), and [Tb(PPI) 3 (DPEPO)] (3) [where HPPI = 3-phenyl-4-p r o p a n o y l-5-i s o x a z o l o n e a n d D P E P O = b i s (2-(diphenylphosphino)phenyl)ether oxide] have been synthesized and fully characterized. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction analyses(More)
The study was undertaken to evaluate the toxicity produced by the pooled selected fractions of Mimosa invisa in rabbits. An attempt was made to protect the animal from the toxicity using a decoction containing Hygrophila auriculata, Tribulus terrestris and Boerhaavia diffusa. Eighteen adult rabbits were divided into three groups of six animals each. Group I(More)
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