N. Gnanamalar David

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Spatial perspective taking is an everyday cognitive process that is involved in predicting the outcome of goal directed behavior. We used dynamic virtual stimuli and fMRI to investigate at the neural level whether motion perception interacts with spatial perspective taking in a life-like design. Subjects were asked to perform right-left-decisions about the(More)
Understanding how an individual genetic make-up influences their risk of diseases, is a problem of paramount importance. Although machine-learning techniques are unable to uncover the relationships between genotype and disease, we can still build the best biochemical model automatically with the help of methods that identify the DNA sequence variations in(More)
Laparoscopic surgery is a widespread and rapidly growing surgical technique. One of the challenges facing surgeons performing laparoscopic procedures is the retraction of anatomical structures that restrict vision and access to the surgical site. Current solutions to this problem involve opening additional incisions, which causes increased risk and(More)
In this paper we introduce a new graph generative device called hyper edge replacement graph P system. We consider the application of the hyper edge replacement graph rewriting rules in the regions of a parallel rewriting P system with a feature of conditional communication. We examine the generative power of this hyper edge replacement graph P system and(More)
In this paper, we introduce the splicing operation on graph P system with the feature of conditional communication. We use the notions of Fruend graph splicing and generate the string graph languages. We study the generative power of the splicing graph P system with conditional communication with the other classes of string graph languages and give(More)