N. Gnanamalar David

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Model checking is a technique to establish the correctness of hardware or software systems in an automated fashion. The goal of this technique is to try to predict system behaviour, or more specifically , to formally prove that all possible executions of the system conform to the requirements. Probabilistic model checking focusses on proving correctness of(More)
Understanding how an individual genetic make-up influences their risk of diseases, is a problem of paramount importance. Although machine-learning techniques are unable to uncover the relationships between genotype and disease, we can still build the best biochemical model automatically with the help of methods that identify the DNA sequence variations in(More)
In this paper we introduce a new graph generative device called hyper edge replacement graph P system. We consider the application of the hyper edge replacement graph rewriting rules in the regions of a parallel rewriting P system with a feature of conditional communication. We examine the generative power of this hyper edge replacement graph P system and(More)