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Erysipelas and lymphangitis are frequent complications of lymphedemas (20 to 30%). The most important risk factor for erysipelas is lymphedema since this is a protein rich edema that contributes to the risk of infection. In case of lymphedema the treatment is the usual consensus treatment for erysipelas. A prophylactic treatment with penicillin is requested(More)
BACKGROUND Limb lymphedema results from incompetence of the lymphatic system, and treatment of both primary and secondary forms involves manual lymphatic drainage and support. The effectiveness of treatment varies from patient to patient and can be unpredictable. OBJECTIVE To investigate clinical and paraclinical criteria able to predict responses to(More)
INTRODUCTION The association of manifestations in the mouth and Vitamin B12 deficiency is already known. The signs are not specific to Vitamin B12 deficiency, however they may reveal the deficiency and this is often ignored and leads to delays in diagnosis. We report two cases of Vitamin B12 deficiency revealed by stomatodynia, glossitis and erosions in the(More)
BACKGROUND Radiodermatitis after cardiac catheterization procedures has been reported in only a few cases in the literature. This side effect may not however be uncommon after long or repeated endocavitary explorations. CASE REPORT We observed a case of chronic radiodermatitis which developed after cardiac catheterization, in a patient treated with(More)
INTRODUCTION Paraneoplastic pemphigus is associated with Castleman's disease. We report a case of paraneoplastic pemphigus at the stage of the sarcomatous transformation of Castleman's disease, present for many years but without concomitant paraneoplastic pemphigus. The pemphigus was manifested by the most unusual, exclusive, involvement of the mucosa of(More)