N. G. Tikhomirova

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The derivatives of isatin-3-thiosemicarbazones exhibit a broad spectrum of biological activity. They are active against variola [ii] and influenza viruses. Some of those derivatives exhibit anticancer, antihistamine, analgesic, and antibacterial activity [i]. Several transition metal [5, 9] complexes of isatin-3-thiosemicarbazone derivatives have also been(More)
The study is concerned with results of a clinical and EEG examination of 28 patients with acute poisoning by noxiron. All these were seen in a Republican Centre for the Treatment of Acute Poisoning. Three groups of patients with certain clinical and EEG features were distinguished which permitted to assess more precisely the state of the patient. The(More)
Chemistry in the Design of New Drugs [in Russian], Riga (1982), p. 147. 8. E. K. Fields, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 74, 1528"1531 (1952). 9. M. R. }~rthy and P. A. Ranjekar, J. Chromatog., 76, 337-343 (1973). i0. J. R. Praes, International Publishers Annual Drug Data Report, Vol. 3, Barcelona (1981). ii. K. Smith and W. Kirkpatrick (editors), Ribavirin. A Broad(More)
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