N. G. Karthick

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The rapid increase in the use of mobile phones (MPs) in recent years has raised the problem of health risk connected with high-frequency electromagnetic fields. There are reports of headache, dizziness, numbness in the thigh, and heaviness in the chest among MP users. This paper deals with the neurological effect of electromagnetic fields radiated from MPs,(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks are mostly used for their monitoring applications In these applications, the network captures the environment and searches for occurrences of events by sensing different physical properties, such as temperature, humidity, pressure,ambient light, and movement. Location in time and space is a paramount issue and nodes are usually(More)
Cloud computing, rapidly emerging as a new computation concept, offers agile and scalable resource access in a utility-like fashion, particularly for the processing of big data. An important open problem here is to effectively progress the data, from various geographical locations more time, into a cloud for efficient processing. Big Data introduces to(More)
The need for Ubiquitous computing technology is expected to become very small and reasonably cheap in the future,large amounts of electronic items can be deployed almost everywhere. This perspectives makes us interesting to take a look at scenarios where small chips would become so plentiful that this will not only allow identification of relatively(More)
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