N. G. Chitaliya

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With the increasing demands of visual surveillance systems, vehicle & people identification at a distance has gained more attention for the researchers recently. Extraction of Information from images and image sequences are vary important for the analysis according to the application. This research proposes feature extraction and classification(More)
Block matching motion estimation plays significant role for video processing and Computer Vision. Various methods based on mean shift and particle trackers are used to track the object on video sequence. Block matching algorithm is normally used for video compression technique. A novel, simple and fast block matching algorithm has been proposed using(More)
In the last few years communication technology has been improved, which increase the need of secure data communication. For this, many researchers have exerted much of their time and efforts in an attempt to find suitable ways for data hiding. There is a technique used for hiding the important information imperceptibly, which is Steganography. Steganography(More)
In this paper, comparative analysis for feature extraction and recognition based on fast discrete Curvelet transform via wrapping and discrete Contourlet transform using Neural Network and Euclidean distance classifier is proposed. The pre processing is applied on the each image of dataset. Each image from the Training Dataset is decomposed using the fast(More)
Sign language is a mean of communication among the deaf people. Indian sign language is used by deaf for communication purpose in India. Here in this paper, we have proposed a system using Euclidean distance as a classification technique for recognition of various Signs of Indian sign Language. The system comprises of four parts: Image acquisition ,pre(More)
14 www.erpublication.org  Abstract— The most interesting application of image processing is Image registration, which can be shown as initial stage of Image Fusion. It can be used for making panoramic image which is the combination of two or more images from the same scene. Many image processing applications are implement on DSP processor i.e. edge(More)
For identification of vehicles, Classifier is designed. Designing of vehicle classifier using the discrete Curvelet transform via wrapping is proposed in this paper. To increase the efficiency of classifier, 3 class structures designed with respect to the ratio of length and width of the vehicle or person on the road. Each Image is preprocessed with Unsharp(More)