N. G. Bukiya

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Oxytocin, a hormone exerting controlling effects on lactation, sexual and maternal behavior, and cyclic organization of sleep and wakefulness, is capable of significantly modulating reactions of the organism to the action of stressogenic stimuli. We studied the effects of injections of synthetic oxytocin on the behavioral phenomena and emotional state of(More)
1. Administration of phentolamine (α-adrenoblocker) decreases the LH level in the blood of male rats. Administration against this background of mezatone (α-adrenostimulator) or apomorphine (DA stimulator) reverses the effect of phentolamine. 2. On administration into the PA or ARC, NA stimulates the release of gonadotropins from the adenohypophysis, by(More)
We studied the effect of acute stress induced by nociceptive stimulation of the limbs on the duration of ECoG epileptiform activity and manifestation of generalized motor convulsive reactions under conditions of a kindling model of epilepsy in rats. Two and four weeks after termination of the kindling procedure, test stimulations of the hippocampus evoked(More)
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