N. G. Bondarchuk

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Exper imen t s with purif ied tetanus toxin labeled with I TM showed that the toxin is fixed by the "unpurified mi tochondr ia l" f rac t ion of the guinea pig b ra in , which includes mi tochondr ia , synap tosomes , and myel in f r agmen t s . The abili ty to fix labeled toxin is concent ra ted in the synap tosomes , is l e s s s t rong in the myel in f(More)
As previous investigations showed, tetanus toxin is fixed for a long t ime and in large quantities in the skeletal muscles on the side of injection [2-4], and neutralization of tetanus toxin by antitetanus se rum has no marked effect on its binding by the brain t i ssues [1, 5]. Considering the charac te r of the toxic effects and, in par t icular , the(More)
Experiments on albino mice showed that preliminary injection of tetanus toxoid increases the resistance of animals to tetanus toxin, as manifested by an increase in LD50. The effect is enhanced by increasing the dose of toxoid or by giving it in fractional doses. The use of protagon and unpurified mitochondrial fraction, isolated from the brain, as receptor(More)
Experiments were conducted on albino mice; it was shown that preliminary injection of tetanus toxoid enhanced the animal resistance to tetanus toxin, this being expressed in increase in LD50. The effect increased the higher doses of the toxoid and their fractional injection. By using protagon and crude mitochondrial fraction isolated from the brain as a(More)
Exper imen t s using Ii31-1abeled purif ied tetanus toxin and protagon isola ted f rom bovine b ra in showed that protagon binds tetanus toxins s trongly in the p resence of antitoxin (purified pro teolyzed horse s e rum , b rand "Diage rm-3" IEM) on incubation in physiological sal ine. Toxin p re l imina r i ly neutra l ized with antitoxin is bound by(More)
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