N. G. Bawane

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In a wireless sensor network (WSN), many researchers proved that the clustering technique improves the longevity of the network. But the load of handling traffic increases on the nodes which are closer to the sink or the base station (BS), as it has to carry others traffic along with its own towards the BS and depletes more energy which causes network(More)
Spectral feature used in remotely sensed image classification are recorded in narrow, adjacent frequency bands in the visible to infrared spectrum. Due to narrow spacing, these features are highly correlated and provide some redundant information which may reduce classification accuracy. Hence discriminative feature selection technique is required for(More)
Recent development in power semiconductor technology, digital electronics, magnetic materials and control theory have enabled modern AC motor drives to face challenging high efficiency and high performance requirements in the industry. The Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) is becoming popular in high performance applications compared to other types(More)
Automatic electrocardiogram (ECG) beat classification is essential for timely diagnosis of dangerous heart conditions. So AI based arrhythmia recognition is effective for the management of cardiac disorders. Various techniques have been studied to classify arrhythmias. A simple wavelet transform based technique is proposed to classify normal sinus rhythm(More)
The permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) drive has become competitive compared with other types of drive systems because of its simple and sensorless control algorithm. Modeling and simulation is usually used in designing PM drives compared to building system prototypes because of the cost. This paper presents the Theoretical basis and some simulation(More)
The mixed raster content (MRC) image represents a compound image which is a superposition of layers. This image model is very efficient for representing sharp text and graphics onto a background. In this binary mask layer is used. The problem occurs when one deals with scanned data and soft edges. These edges are neither shown as a background nor as a(More)
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