N G Almarza

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The short-range attraction and long-range repulsion between nanoparticles or macromolecules can lead to spontaneous pattern formation on solid surfaces, fluid interfaces, or membranes. In order to study the self-assembly in such systems we consider a triangular lattice model with nearest-neighbor attraction and third-neighbor repulsion. At the ground state(More)
Template-assisted pattern formation in monolayers of particles with competing short-range attraction and long-range repulsion interactions (SALR) is studied by Monte Carlo simulations in a simple generic model [N. G. Almarza et al., J. Chem. Phys., 2014, 140, 164708]. We focus on densities corresponding to formation of parallel stripes of particles and on(More)
We propose an efficient algorithm to sample the volume in Monte Carlo simulations in the isobaric-isothermal ensemble. The method is designed to be applied in the simulation of hard-core models at high density. The algorithm is based in the generation of clusters of particles. At the volume change step, the distances between pairs of particles belonging to(More)
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