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Dentine specimens were prepared from freshly extracted third molars and initial permeability measured. Each specimen was subjected to Nd:yttrium-aluminium-garnet (YAG) (1.06 or 1.32 microns wavelength) or Ho:YAG (2.10 microns wavelength) laser energy while temperatures in the pulp chambers were recorded. Permeability was again measured and the surfaces(More)
Bilayer liposomes were prepared by using pure DOSG (1,2-dioleoyl-3-succinylglycerol) or DPSG (1,2-dipalmitoyl-3-succinylglycerol) at pH 7.4 or above. These liposomes undergo destabilization upon incubation with acid. When calcein was used as an entrapped aqueous marker, half maximal content leakage was observed between pH 5.8-6.3. Differential scanning(More)
Increasing complexity and manufacturing costs, along with the fundamental limits of planar CMOS devices, threaten to slow down the historical pace of progress in the semiconductor industry. We report herein an efficient, low-cost, “greener” way to fabricate dual-damascene copper (Cu) on-chip interconnect or Back-End-Of-the-Line (BEOL) structures using a(More)
This paper describes a searchable Solar Feature Catalogue (SFC) created using automated pattern recognition techniques from digitized solar images. The techniques were developed for detection of sunspots, active regions, filaments and line-of-sight magnetic neutral lines using Ca II K1, Ca II K3 and Ha solar images from the Meudon Observatory and white(More)
Gibberellic acid (GA3) powder was applied to seed pieces of Shepody potato in combination with water, fir bark and talc carriers. In a greenhouse study, emergence, stem growth and tuber number from seed pieces treated with dry GA3 and carriers were compared with that of an untreated control. All carriers alone reduced stem emergence. GA3 (0.5,1 and 2 mg/(More)
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