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To define the roles of gray-scale, color-Doppler ultrasound, and sonoelastography for the assessment of thyroid nodule to determine whether nodule size affects the differential diagnosis of benign and malignant. A total of 243 consecutive subjects (214 women, 29 men) with 329 thyroid nodules were examined by gray-scale, color-Doppler ultrasound, and(More)
A robust linear parameter varying (LPV) control synthesis is carried out for an HiMAT vehicle subject to loss of control effectiveness. The scheduling t)ar;_met('r is selected to be a flmction of the estimates of the control effectiveness f_lctors. The estimates are provi, ted on-line by a two-stage Kalman estimator. The inherent conservatism of the LPV(More)
In classical TDOA/FDOA emitter location methods, pairs of sensors share the received data to compute the CAF and extract the ML estimates of TDOA/FDOA. The TDOA/FDOA estimates are then transmitted to a common site where they are used to estimate the emitter location. However, the two-stage method is not necessarily optimal because in the first stage of(More)
This scoping review analyzes the research gaps of three diseases: schistosomiasis japonica, malaria and echinococcosis. Based on available data in the P.R. China, we highlight the gaps between control capacity and prevalence levels, and between diagnostic/drug development and population need for treatment at different stages of the national control(More)