N. Eric Naftchi

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A procedure is presented which modifies the Sternberger peroxidase--antiperoxidase (PAP) technique in order to visualize additional amounts of immunodeposits representing the antigen substance (SP) in 5-micrometer paraffin tissue sections of rat spinal cord. For increased sensitivity, the new procedure utilizes a "double bridge" and diaminobenzidine in low(More)
Ten minutes after a single injection of 0.8 mg/kg nicotine SC (free base) the level of substance P-like immunoreactivity (SPLI) was reduced by 61–73% in rat caudate-putamen, nucleus accumbens, and olfactory tubercle, with smaller and not significant reductions in the frontal cortex, substantia nigra, and ventral tegmental area. The nicotinic receptor(More)
Bone mineral content was measured by single photon absorptiometry using a modified bone densitometer (Packard) with 125I as the source. In 42 hemiplegic subjects, matched for sex and age, the bone density was compared bilaterally on the radius and ulna 2 cm and 4 cm above the wrist. The nonparalyzed side served as a control for the paralyzed side. The(More)
Levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (AMP) in the basilar artery and in circulating blood of cats were determined after the production of spasm by topical application of blood to the vessel and following treatment with agents known to alter cyclic AMP. Isoproterenol, known to stimulate adenyl cyclase, and aminophylline, a phosphodiesterase inhibitor,(More)
In 10 paraplegic and 10 quadroplegic subjects, bone resorption was investigated by determining urinary excretion of hydroxyproline, calcium, and phosphorus. Measurements were performed weekly from the onset to 4 months after injury. During the first 7 weeks following injury, urinary excretion of calcium in paraplegic and quadriplegic subjects reached the(More)