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The amino acid sequence has been determined for leghemoglobin component I from root nodules of pea, Pisum sativum. Pea leghemoglobin is one polypeptide chain composed of 147 amino acids, it contains one methionine residue at position 144, and three histidines, which are at positions 60, 92 and 101. The sequence has at least seven polymorphic residues, but(More)
The primary structure of Pseudomonas cytochrome c peroxidase is presented. The intact protein was fragmented with cyanogen bromide into five fragments; partial cleavage was observed at a Met-His bond of the protein. The primary structure was established partly by automatic Edman degradations, partly by manual sequencing of peptides obtained with trypsin,(More)
Pseudomonas cytochrome c peroxidase contains two hemes, one of which is shown to be in low-spin and one in high-spin state. The ferric enzyme reveals absorption maxima at 640 and 705 nm. The alkaline transition of these bands indicates the sixth iron-binding ligand of the low-spin and high-spin heme to be, respectively, a methionyl residue and a water(More)
Circular dichroic (CD) spectra of soybean leghemoglobin, and some of its liganded derivatives were measured over the wavelength range of 650 to 200 nm. The heme-related circular dichroic bands in the visible, Soret and ultraviolet wavelength regions exhibit Cotton effects characteristic of each of the compounds examined. The positions of the dichroic bands(More)
The oxidation-reduction potentials of the two c-type hemes of Pseudomonas aeruginosa cytochrome c peroxidase (ferrocytochrome c:hydrogen-peroxide oxidoreductase EC have been determined and found to be widely different, about +320 and -330 mV, respectively. The EPR spectrum at temperatures below 77 K reveals only low-spin signals (gz 3.24 and(More)
The EPR spectrum at 15 K of Pseudomonas cytochrome c peroxidase, which contains two hemes per molecule, is in the totally ferric form characteristic of low-spin heme giving two sets of g-values with gz 3.26 and 2.94. These values indicate an imidazole-nitrogen : heme-iron : methionine-sulfur and an imidazole-nitrogen : heme-iron : imidazole-nitrogen(More)