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The WHO adult susceptibility test is in use for insecticide resistance monitoring. Presently, materials are being imported from the Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia and sometimes it is cost prohibitive. As an alternative, we present here a method of bottle bioassay using indigenous material. Different aspects related to the assay were studied and(More)
Civil structures are large-scale systems and they have wide range of applications, hence safety is the supreme issue that needs to be considered during design process. In order to monitor the health status, operations and to detect the changes in structure that affects the performance, Structural health monitoring (SHM) systems are implemented. Wireless(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES For effective management of vector resistance there is a need for new insecticide molecules with novel modes of action. For desired toxic effect of an insecticide, apart from other behavioural aspects, toxicity and chemical nature of the molecule are important that may cause irritability in the mosquito to the insecticide affecting(More)
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