N E Uzlenkova

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Pig skin was used as a model to study the effectiveness of two topically applied creams, Lipochromin and Levosinum, in modifying the development of both early and late radiation damage to pig skin. Irradiated skin sites that received daily topical application of Levosinum or Lipochromin after exposure were compared with sites on the contralateral flank of(More)
In the experiments at Wistar male rats the effect of subtherapeutic doses of docetaxel (5 and 10 mg/kg) on the radiotherapy efficacy (20 Gy of single-dose X-rays) namely growth rate of Guerin's tumor and prooxidant-antioxidant balance in liver and blood of animals bearing tumors was investigated. It has been demonstrated that docetaxel at dose 5 mg/kg given(More)
  • N E Uzlenkova
  • Problemy radiatsiinoi medytsyny ta radiobiolohii
  • 2014
Objective. To study the nature of radiation-induced changes in the connective tissue matrix of rats under single total body X-ray exposure in minimal lethal and sublethal doses. Materials and methods. Experiments conducted on white male rats weighing 160-180 g, which were exposed to the influence of X-radiation doses LD15/30 and LD60/30 at the installation(More)
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