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Lean and obese women with gestational diabetes (GDM) were given two different isocaloric meal challenge tests to assess glucose and insulin responses. Forty-three pregnant women received a 400-kcal isocaloric breakfast meal tolerance test (mini-MTT). Twenty of the subjects were also given a 2000-kcal isocaloric diet with three meals and three snacks during(More)
In summary, criteria to define good, acceptable, and unacceptable compliance with a CONTROL or HCF diabetic diet were established. With the use of these criteria, a simplified system for the evaluation of compliance was developed. The compliance system used an interview approach and a checklist on which patients recorded their food intake in terms of the(More)
In this study, dietary intake of the amino acids lysine and arginine did not differ significantly between normal controls and patients with herpes virus. Both groups of subjects consumed significantly more lysine than arginine on a daily basis. Those results are not surprising given the American population's preference for high lysine foods, such as meat(More)
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