N. E. Simpson

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A six-month study of triglyceride, cholesterol, free fatty acid (FFA), glucose, insulin, growth hormone, and glucagon concentrations was carried out in asymptomatic hypertensive normal-weight men randomly allocated to treatment with atenolol or propranolol. A highly significant increase in the basal plasma triglyceride concentration was observed in(More)
Multiple endocrine neoplasis type 2A (MEN2A) is one of several kinds of cancers that appear to be inherited in an autosomally dominant fashion. We have assigned the MEN2A locus to chromosome 10 by linkage with a new DNA marker (D10S5). The linkage led us to investigate other chromosome 10 markers and demonstrate linkage between the disease locus and the(More)
A period of early, intensive insulin treatment is thought to improve subsequent beta-cell function in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM). To study this hypothesis, we randomly assigned adolescents with newly diagnosed IDDM to receive either conventional treatment (n = 14) (NPH insulin, 1 U per kilogram of body weight per day, in two divided doses)(More)
A family from Newfoundland was found to have a new rare variant for plasma cholinesterase (E.C. recognized by a high-percentage inhibition by dibucaine (DN), particularly when succinyldithiocholine was used as substrate (DNSDTC) but also somewhat high when benzoylcholine was substrate (DNBZCH). The family data demonstrated that the variant is(More)
A study of 1223 amniocenteses carried out during 1020 pregnancies in 990 women showed that 2nd-trimester amniocentesis at about 16 weeks' gestation is a safe, accurate and reliable procedure for the diagnosis of certain classes of genetic disease when it is monitored by ultrasound, performed by a trained obstetrician and carried out in a major health(More)
Three genetic markers - group-specific component (Gc), alpha1-antitrypsin, and esterase D - were examined in a population of Eskimos from Igloolik in the eastern Canadian Arctic. Gc and esterase D were found to be polymorphic. In addition to the common Gc types, an anodal variant called Gc Igloolik was found, probably identical to previously reported Gc(More)
A DNA segment D20S5 isolated from a chromosome 19/20 flow-sorted library was shown to identify two restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) with MspI and PvuII. The probe was localized by hybridization in situ to 20p12, the putative site of an interstitial deletion in some MEN 2A and 2B patients. Linkage of the D20S5 and MEN 2A loci was excluded at(More)
The D20S6 locus has been sublocalized by in situ hybridization using the pD3H12 probe to human chromosome band 20p12 and the D20S4 locus using the pMS1-27 probe to 20q13.2. A rare new restriction fragment length polymorphism detected in MspI-digested DNA by the pMSI-27 probe is reported. Linkage studies in nine families have shown that the D20S6 locus is(More)