N. E. Nifant’ev

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We studied the effects of immunization with a conjugate of carrier protein and hexasaccharide ligand related to a fragment of capsular of Str. pneumoniae serotype 14 polysaccharide chain on activation of innate and adaptive immunity. It was found that two-fold immunization with the glycoconjugate adsorbed on aluminum hydroxide significantly increased the(More)
The substrate specificity of fucosyltransferase (FT) from rat forebrain and cerebellum was studied using synthetic acceptors. Of 16 acceptors tested, only those containing the Galβ1-4GlcNAcβ1-R fragment were subjected to enzymic fucosylation. The isomer with a 1–3 bond as well as lactose and oligosaccharides with an additional Neu5Ac residue attached to Gal(More)
A new biologically active component, antibiotic eremomycin B, was isolated from the culture liquid of Amycolatopsis orientalis subsp. eremomycini, the producing strain for antibiotic eremomycin. Its structure was established by NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. Eremomycin B was shown to differ from eremomycin by the presence of an N-carboxymethyl(More)
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