N E Iakovleva

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The quantitative characterization of erythrocyte diagnosticums (ED) has been made by optical methods (light microscopy with the use of an image analyzer, model Magiscan 2, and the opacity spectrum technique). The following parameters of ED have been determined: the average of the major axis (5.25 +/- 0.57 micron for ED from Shigella sonnei and 5.53 +/- 0.50(More)
Effects of intravascular low-intensive laser exposure of the blood on the hemostasis during acute blood loss and the early postresuscitation period after 4-min clinical death were studied on narcotized dogs (8-17 kg) of both sexes with different initial levels of heparin. During the preagonal period laser exposure caused hypercoagulation in animals with(More)
The effect of low-intensive laser exposure at a wavelength of 634 nm and power 1 mWt at the tip of the light-guide on the blood anticoagulative system was studied in mongrel narcotized dogs of both sexes weighing 8 to 16 kg during the postresuscitation period after 4-min clinical death from massive blood loss. The anticoagulative system in the blood plasma(More)
Radio- and tomogrammes of 335 patients with inflammatory and tumoral pathology of accessory nasal sinus were investigated. Anisotropic gradient filtration of the image, carried out with "Magiskan-2" apparatus was used. The procedure permitted to distinguish small unobstrusive changes in sinal bony tissues, routinely unnoticeable, and characteristic features(More)
Activity of caspase-3 and content of DNA fragments with sizes 0.2-0.6 kbp and more than 4.0 kbp in the worm of the cerebellum, hippocampus and prefrontal cortex of the adult rat brain were estimated in 4 and 24 hours after the procedure of acoustic startle habituation and fear conditioning. Heterochronic changes in apoptotic markers in the examined brain(More)
Hemostatic system function was studied in dogs dying of acute blood loss and restoring to life after 4-min clinical death. Phasic changes in hemostatic system of two and three types occurred in the blood loss and reanimation, respectively. Dogs with favorable postresuscitation period exhibited hypercoagulation when dying, hypocoagulation 1 hour after(More)
The effect of regulatory peptide thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) on the structure of the plasma membrane and morphology of rat erythrocytes was studied using a spin probe and scanning electron microscopy. EPR spectra of the spin probe introduced in the intramembrane space demonstrate that TRH at 10(-7) and 10(-3) M induces structural changes in the(More)
Clinic-experimental complex investigation and ELISA determination of protein HLDF as also primary antibodies (Abs) to HLDF values in blood and cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF) of patients with hypertensive crises and acute aterotrombotic ischemic stroke were performed. Statistically improved difference in serum HLDF and Abs content in examined patients in(More)
The effect of intravascular laser irradiation of the blood (ILIB) on the oxygen budget of the body and blood acid-base balance in the acute period of hemorrhagic shock and after resuscitation was studied in experiments on dogs. Duration of hypotension was 2 h. Laser therapy was started from the 5th-8th min of hypotension and lasted for 45 min; it was(More)
Characteristics of latex suspensions are studied in order to estimate their potential metrologic application. The study is carried out on the set "Magiscan 2" with the standard programs. Histograms for distribution of perimeters and particle diameters are determined, and the correlation between them is specified. Also presented are the histograms for(More)
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