N. E. Doren

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Wavefront curvature defocus effects can occur in spotlight-mode SAR imagery when reconstructed via the well-known polar formatting algorithm (PFA) under certain scenarios that include imaging at close range, use of very low center frequency, and/or imaging of very large scenes. The range migration algorithm (RMA), also known as seismic migration, was(More)
I n this paper, we introduce a general formulation f o r wavefront curvature correction an spotlight-mode S A R images formed using the polar-formatting algorithm (PFA). This correction is achieved through the use of a n eficient, image domain space-variant filter which is applied as a post-processing step to PFA. Wavefront curvature defocus effects occur(More)
In this paper we describe the performance of the well-known polar formatting algorithm (PFA) for formation of spotlight-mode synthetic aperture imagery from phase history data, under conditions of large-angle synthetic apertures. Such conditions typically occur when the SAR center frequency is low and/or the azimuthal resolution is is very high. Traditional(More)
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