N. E. Ben Amara

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Optical characters recognition (OCR) has been an active subject of research since the early days of Computers. Despite the age of the subject, it remains one of the most challenging and exciting areas of research in computer science. In recent years it has grown into a mature discipline, producing a huge body of work. Arabic character recognition has been(More)
In the present paper we propose a hybrid approach for Arabic optical characters recognition (AOCR). The algorithm is based on wavelet transform for features extraction and a neuro-fuzzy approach for classification. Five features are used to describe the different characters. We briefly present the two single methods which are based respectively on the use(More)
In this paper, we give an overview on approaches for nets extraction from printed documents. We present also our contribution to this area operating on historical Arab periodicals. The developed method is based on Gabor filters exploration followed by post-processing steps. It allows the extraction of different nets types such as slightly erased lines or(More)
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