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For the purpose of biometric applications, we explore in this paper a new robust approach to characterizing palmprint features. Instead of processing the acquired image in the spatial domain, the proposed technique extracts palmprint features using Radon transform and a geometric Delaunay triangulation jointly. In such a process, Radon transform enables the(More)
In this paper, a new approach of images coding by Shapiro algorithm (embedded zerotree wavelet algorithm or EZW) is proposed. This approach, the modified EZW (MEZW), distributes entropy differently than Shapiro's and also optimizes the coding. This can produce results that are a significant improvement on the PSNR and compression ratio obtained by Shapiro,(More)
Images segmentation constitutes a crucial task in magnetic resonance images analysis by automating and facilitating isolation of anatomical structures and other regions of interest. The purpose of this paper is to present a state of the art of current approaches dealing with anatomical magnetic resonance images segmentation. Emphasis will be placed on(More)
This paper introduces a new methodology for fault diagnosis of rotating machinery in complex industrial process. In this fault diagnosis system, multi-scale principal component analysis (MSPCA) is used. The main contribution of this paper is the use of the MSPCA technique in the fault diagnosis based on vibration analysis in rotating machinery. Their(More)
The aim of our work is to perform an automated tool for brain MRI tissues quantification. The method we develop is based on MRI intensity stochastic analysis. By the use of the Gaussian mixture model for these intensities, we estimate MRI tissues parameters with a combination of the expectation-maximization algorithm and the Markov random field model witch(More)
In this paper, the filter's effect in image compression by wavelet transform is studied. The principle of wavelet transform is to decompose hierarchically the input image into a series of successively lower resolution reference images. A scalar quantization with uniform threshold quantizers is used. The biorthogonal filters provide the good result in image(More)
In order to illustrate the aphasia disprosody, we have used the Arab dialect of eastern Algeria. We carry out an analysis of the pathological speech of Broca's aphasic speakers. The analyzed prosodic features are intonation and rhythm. The pitch variations as well as the intensity and/or duration cues are investigated in order to track the aphasia(More)
In this paper, the estimation of the disturbing frequencies injected by nonlinear load and the elimination of the parasitic harmonics in the electrical supply network is analyzed. The measurement in this paper is accompanied by colored additive noise. The noise is modeled by a filter AR of a finite order. The results of estimation and identification(More)