N. Doghmane

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For the purpose of biometric applications, we explore in this paper a new robust approach to characterizing palmprint features. Instead of processing the acquired image in the spatial domain, the proposed technique extracts palmprint features using Radon transform and a geometric Delaunay triangulation jointly. In such a process, Radon transform enables the(More)
In this paper, a new approach of images coding by Shapiro algorithm (embedded zerotree wavelet algorithm or EZW) is proposed. This approach, the modified EZW (MEZW), distributes entropy differently than Shapiro's and also optimizes the coding. This can produce results that are a significant improvement on the PSNR and compression ratio obtained by Shapiro,(More)
In this paper, the filter's effect in image compression by wavelet transform is studied. The principle of wavelet transform is to decompose hierarchically the input image into a series of successively lower resolution reference images. A scalar quantization with uniform threshold quantizers is used. The biorthogonal filters provide the good result in image(More)
In this paper, we propose a new method for the adaptation of SPIHT algorithm (set partitioning in hierarchical trees) to the color images. The goal is to effectively exploit the space and interspectral redundancies of the three components of the color. A slight modification of the "parent-children" relation, defined in SPIHT, was introduced, taking account(More)
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