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Real-time fluid simulation is an active field of research in computer graphics, but they usually focus on visual impact rather than physical accuracy. However, by combining a lattice Boltzmann model with the parallel computing power of a graphics processing unit, both real-time compute capability and satisfactory physical accuracy are now achievable. The(More)
We introduce recodable surfaces solely based on reversible artificial hydrogen bonding interactions. We show that a symmetrical oligoamide (SOA) attached to poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) can be repeatedly immobilized and cleaved off spatially defined surface domains photochemically functionalized with asymmetric oligoamides (AOAs). The spatially resolved(More)
The association of kinetic studies, DFT calculations and 1H-7Li NMR analyses allowed the control of the cyclo-ATRP of PEG9DMA and the production of polymethacrylate pseudo crown-ethers of various molar masses. Their potential to act as a solid-state polymer electrolyte in Li-ion batteries has been highlighted and may come from the supramolecular(More)
We designed efficient precursors that combine complementary associative groups with exceptional binding affinities and thiocarbonylthio moieties enabling precise RAFT polymerization. Well defined PS and PMMA supramolecular polymers with molecular weights up to 30 kg mol(-1) are synthesized and shown to form highly stable supramolecular diblock copolymers(More)
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