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To celebrate the 60th birthday of Charles H. Bennett I (1) publicly announce my referee reports for the original dense coding and telepor-tation papers, (2) present a very economical solution to the Bernstein-Vazirani problem that does not even hint at interference between multiple universes, and (3) describe how I inadvertently reinvented the Copen-hagen(More)
The traditional crystallographic symmetry elements of screw axes and glide planes are subdivided into those that are removable and those that are essential. A simple real-space criterion, depending only on Bravais class, determines which types can be present in any space group. This terminological refinement is useful in expressing the complementary(More)
Redundancies are pointed out in the widely used extension of the crystallographic concept of Bravais class to quasiperiodic materials. Such pitfalls can be avoided by abandoning the obsolete paradigm that bases ordinary crystallography on microscopic periodicity. The broadening of ordinary crystallography to include quasiperiodic materials is accomplished(More)