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Serum and follicular fluid immunoglobulin (IgG, IgA, IgM) and complement (C3, C4), as well as transferrin and ferritin concentrations were measured in 82 consecutive IVF patients (Pregnant: Group A, and non pregnant: Group B). Higher serum concentrations were observed in complement in all Immunoglobulins but IgM which was found to be significantly lower in(More)
Our study aimed at evaluating the effect of blood transfusion - allogeneic or autologous - on plasma levels of fibronectin during liver resections. Thirty-five patients scheduled for liver resection were randomly allocated to receive autologous (group autologous blood transfusion (ABT), n= 19) or allogeneic (homologous) (homologous blood transfusion (HBT),(More)
Eighty two consecutive IVF patients enrolled in our In-Vitro Fertilization program were investigated on the presence of anti-zona pellucida antibodies in the peripheral blood and follicular fluid, using a haemaglutination test (ovarian zona pellucida HAT) and a zona pellucida slide test, respectively. Overall higher proportion of antibody activity was(More)
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