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The authors report 68 cases of bacterial tenosynovitis (BT) that is the largest international series dealing with this pathology since the introduction of antibiotics. Their study stresses the connection between the quality of the final result and the stage at which the condition is treated. The speed at which the tenosynovitis becomes established depends(More)
Eight cases of fatigue fracture were observed by the authors. In two patients, they presented in metatarsal bones; others were in the lower end of the tibia, in the shaft of the fibula, in the patella, at the upper end of the fibula, in the shaft to the tibia and in the neck of the femur. The main features of these fractues, which occurred in previously(More)
The evaluation of 58 breast reconstructions operated in Boucicaut Hospital demonstrated positive result. The authors review the techniques used for contralateral breast symmetrization. The policy generally adapted has been to perform two sequential operations: 1st step: implantation of a prefilled prosthesis and contralateral breast symmetrization; 2d step:(More)
Based on the study of a homogeneous series of twenty-eight isolated median nerve injuries at the wrist, sutured as an emergency procedure, the authors determined the course and sequelae of this type of nerve lesion with no associated tendon involvement. Repair was associated with epi-perineural suture performed with an operating microscope, immobilisation(More)
Aseptic osteonecrosis following renal transplantation occurs in about 20 p. 100 of cases and entails important functional consequences. 16 patients with kidney transplant and 4 patients on chronic dialysis because of previous graft rejection underwent 27 orthopaedic operations, 8 of which being hip arthroplasties. During and after the procedure the(More)
It would appear to be impossible to compare completely different techniques of mammaplasty performed in very different clinical situations. However, we thought it would be useful to approach the result of mammaplasties from a more "orthopaedic" point of view. Such an approach distinguishes populations of patients with different results and in whom the(More)
Thirty patients underwent a sonographic examination of the hand because of nodular masses. In 12 out of these, the surgical removal exhibited 5 benign tumors (2 giant cell tumors, 1 angioma, 1 lipoma, 1 myoma), 5 pseudo-tumors (1 granulomatous tenosynovitis, 1 nodular tendinitis, 2 sebaceous cysts, 1 synovial cyst) and 2 congenital abnormalities of the(More)
The authors have treated 27 cases of avascular necrosis of bone in patients following renal transplantation. They have noted some specific features--early onset after transplantation, multiple localization and rapid and severe progress of the lesion. The authors discuss the pathogenesis as it relates to cortico-steroids, bone dystrophy due to renal failure(More)
The scalaire incisions were indicated in 34 hands with 58 longitudinal palmar contracture which restrict extension and usually result of deep burns. The technique was suggested by the incisions used in Dupuytren's followed by directed cicatrization and wearing dynamic extension splints for 2 months. The functional results are good and fair in 85 percent of(More)