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We present what is, to our knowledge, the first demonstration of the application of the laser homodyne interferometric technique to the quantitative identification of individual trace molecular constituents of a binary mixture in an ambient atmospheric background. Operation of the laser interferometric detection system to within a factor of 26 of the(More)
Recently, a new set of 14 transformation parameters was jointly adopted by National Resources Canada (NRCan) and the U. Although a unique set of similarity transformation equations could be applied everywhere to transform positional coordinates between these two terrestrial frames, a more consistent set of NAD 83 coordinates can be obtained if, locally,(More)
The inverse transformation of coordinates, from Cartesian to curvilinear geodetic, or symbolically (x,y,z)-(l,j,h) has been extensively researched in the geodetic literature. However, published formulations require that the application must be deterministically implemented point-by-point individually. Recently, and thanks to GPS technology, scientists have(More)
Development of objective measures for comparing genome data has become an important goal in computational genomics. Gene length distribution histograms derived from the predicted protein-coding gene populations of decoded genomes were considered as tools for genomic comparison. The first and second moments of the histograms map the decoded genomes as(More)
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