N D S Mendoza

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A four-site rigid water model is presented, whose parameters are fitted to reproduce the experimental static dielectric constant at 298 K, the maximum density of liquid water and the equation of state at low pressures. The model has a positive charge on each of the three atomic nuclei and a negative charge located at the bisector of the HOH bending angle.(More)
The surface water and groundwater sources in the vicinity of a major municipal landfill in Metro Manila, Philippines were investigated to determine contamination by landfill leachate. Tritium, stable isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen, and major ions in the leachate and freshwater within the landfill environment were determined. The leachate contained elevated(More)
A series of molecular dynamics simulations to study the structure of a surfactant monolayer near real surfaces was carried out. A comparison of two different surfaces, TiO2 and SiO2, with the same monolayer was performed. Moreover, each surface was modeled by two different approaches, the first model considers the complete structure of a TiO2 (or SiO2)(More)
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