N. D. Fanchenko

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OBJECTIVE To compare efficacy of various methods for characterizing endometriosis and benign ovarian tumors. DESIGN Two parallel groups of patients, 54 with endometriotic ovarian cysts and 48 with benign tumors. SETTING Central clinic. PATIENTS Patients referred from all regions over a 5-year period. OUTCOME MEASURES Estrogen Estrogen and(More)
The aim of the present study was to assess the contribution of different parts of natural and synthetic steroid molecules in their binding to high affinity oestradiol receptor preparations obtained from whole human uteri. Fifty-five compounds were used in the study of which 38 contained the steroid nucleus. The affinity (in terms of association constants)(More)
Examination of children aged 3 to 17 years and adult population including parturients living in Naryan-Mar and northern settlements of the Nenets national district revealed the reduced calcium and elevated phosphorus concentrations in the blood serum of the examinees as compared with respective parameters in analogous population groups living in the middle(More)
i. K. N. Veremeenko, The Kinin System [in Russian], Kiev (1977). 2. O. A. Gomazkov, "The functional significance of the kallikrein--kinin system of the blood under normal conditions and in cardiovascular pathology," Dissertation for the Degree of Doctor of Biological Sciences, Moscow (1977). 3. A. M. Gonchar, A. S. Kogan, and R. I. Salganik, The Wound(More)
Eighty patients with the polycystic ovaries syndrome and excessive body mass were examined. In 60 patients body mass reduction resulted from diets and in 20 it occurred over the course of acupuncture. Such treatment resulted in pregnancy in 27 (33.7%) patients. Therefore, diets or acupuncture for body mass reduction are recommended for patients with(More)