N. D. Evans

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Wnt signaling is required for both the development and homeostasis of the skin, yet its contribution to skin wound repair remains controversial. By employing Axin2(LacZ/+) reporter mice we evaluated the spatial and temporal distribution patterns of Wnt responsive cells, and found that the pattern of Wnt responsiveness varies with the hair cycle, and(More)
Systems pharmacology modeling and pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) analysis of drug-induced effects on cardiovascular (CV) function plays a crucial role in understanding the safety risk of new drugs. The aim of this review is to outline the current modeling and simulation (M&S) approaches to describe and translate drug-induced CV effects, with an(More)
An extended two compartment model is proposed to describe the dynamics of myoglobin in rhabdomyolysis patients undergoing dialysis. Before using clinical data to estimate the model's unknown parameters, structural identifiability analysis was performed to determine the parameters uniqueness given certain clinical observations. A Taylor series expansion(More)
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