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Weakness has been reported by patients as one side effect of baclofen. We evaluated torque production as a measure of contractile strength in 30 subjects with clinically definite multiple sclerosis. Participants, with minimal to moderate spasticity, were titrated onto baclofen by 5mg increments every other day for seven days and maintained at 20mg for one(More)
The IFMSS Minimal Record of Disability (MRD) in Multiple Sclerosis was field tested at eight medical centers in the U.S. and Canada. The goals were to conduct a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the MRD. Assessment were completed on 249 patients with definite MS by neurologists and allied health professionals. Effective administration required some(More)
In this article, the authors discuss the classification, recognition, and rehabilitation team management of psychological and neurobehavioral disorders in multiple sclerosis (MS), emphasizing throughout their view that from the psychological standpoint, MS is preeminently a disorder of the patient's self or identity. Disorders of the process of normal(More)
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